James North here.

Interests: Avid anime watcher, fan of manga, reads the occasional light novel, guiltily fond of the archetypical web novel, and a near-virgin in Visual Novels. Oh yeah, and I’m also learning Japanese. Have been seriously for 2 months, but I’ve tried to learn it 4 separate times before now, going back at least 3 years. I’m very familiar with the basics, and I also know more about Japanese than I know actual Japanese.

For that last reason, I believe that I’m in a great position to break newbies into the language and get them on their feet. I aim to provide considerably comprehensive beginner resources by December 2017 – not just through articles, but also through a number of YouTube videos. Articles can only be so engaging with just text and graphics. The more crucial topics get a video.

Expect a video sometime within the next two months, probably. If not then, December is the time. School is busy. For followers (if any), you’ll most likely be notified through the creation of a new post that links to the video. After the video goes up, my makeshift course starts. From the ground up to basic Japanese.


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